UNI T UT200A Digital Clamp Multimeter Backlight Resistance Tester Meter

clamp 36, clip current

Welding Clamps

Multimeter voltmeter. Wholesale tester voltage. 9.999nf~99.99mfDc 400mv / 4v / 40v / 400v / 1000v. 208mm x 78mm x 35 mm. Ut231. Electrical instrumentation. Amper clamps. Shower horizontal. Vc6412+. 225mmx84mmx33mm. 6.6uf/66uf/660uf/6.6mf/66mf 4.0. Low battery indication	: 0 to 40c. 


5c~35c. 0.01~1200 ohm. Dc 40a/400a/1000a       ac  40a/400a/1000a. 4 digit 50a ammeterDc:200mv /2v/20v/200v /1000v ;ac:200v/750v. Digital multimeter counts. Buzzer unit. Dc ac resistance capacitance frequency temperature meter. 10% ~ 95% +-3.0%. Strubcina multimeters. Ac 0.0ma-3200a. 0-50 degree. 380g(batteries not included). 20a-200a-600a. 200a mini digital current clamp meter. Richmeters. High accuracy uni-t ut201. Sayoon 200a dc. Display count: 

Ohms Multimeter

Dc:400m v / 4v/40v / 400v / 1000v&ac:400mv/4v/40v/400v/750v. Clamp meter 1000v. Wholesale 2v ll34. Metal barrel. Ut211a. L inductance. 2002pa. 0.245kg. Meter logs. Wholesale clamp meter wireless. With backlight or not: 200-200k. Wholesale universal multimeter digital. 4 digit segments. Ma digital meter. Low battery indication : Dc heat thermostats. 

Multimeter Hfe Temperature

Wholesale pew96. Lyh-100. For multimeter clamp. Industry leads. Wholesale voltmeter analog. 0.52kg. Wholesale jinbei battery. Wholesale signal oscilloscope. 23*13*9. Rs232 meter. Acm01 plus. 150 ohm resistance. 0.01~1200ohm. Ac current testing range : Powered: Chnt contactors. 2.2kg. Current induction. 

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Defy them. Live your life with every ounce of passion that I know that you have, and they will never own you.